Explore the Borders Accommodation Guide

Accommodation GuideWelcome to the Explore the Borders Accommodation Guide.

We want your visit to the Borders to be a memorable one and for Explore the Borders to be the reference point of choice to help you plan ahead.

So we’ve taken a leaf out of Explore the Borders’ information pages and are now developing an accommodation guide of high quality properties to match short and long stay requirements and to suit all budgets.

In keeping with the our magazine style, accommodation entries tell their own story and the page acts as a portal to the provider’s master website where you will find more information and booking details. We’ll be providing a similar service at the Explore the Borders Food and Drink Companion.

You’ll find a menu displayed on the button bar above where accommodation is shown by classification. So, if you want a hotel or a holiday cottage click on the relevant category and that will display a selection to choose from.

Browse the featured properties and click on any picture to find out more about a particular venue.

If you are looking for accommodation in a specific area, simply type in the town or location and the word accommodation, ie Selkirk – Accommodation and all the current entries for that area will be displayed.

A click on the photograph will take you to more information and a direct link to the accommodation owner’s home website.

And when you follow up a booking from one of our pages we would appreciate it if you would tell them Explore the Borders sent you.

We hope you have a great time visiting the Borders and would welcome your comments and feedback.


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