Maplehurst luxury boutique Guest House – Galashiels

Maplehurst interior 4 GalashielsWhen Derek and Linda Chapman decided they wanted to do something different in life taking ownership of what some would describe as a national treasure was the last thing on their minds.

But as soon as they arrived at Maplehurst, a guesthouse on the outskirts of Galashiels in the Scottish Borders, both knew they had found what they were looking for.

Maplehurst is no ordinary guesthouse.

This ‘B’ listed building was once home to one of the town’s most successful mill owners Andrew Fairgrieve and his Canadian wife Carrie Anne – which gives us the first clue about the origins of the name.

The building, commissioned and built in 1906, is a magnificent tribute to the best of the Scottish Arts and Crafts movement. Add complementary styles and ideas imported from North America and Maplehurst’s uniqueness starts to take form.

Every inch has been carefully planned and lovingly constructed. The original Canadian tapestry that adorns the walls above rich oakwood panelling in the reception hall and superb stained glass windows are standout features.

But in truth every nook and cranny at Maplehurst makes a statement, whether in wood, metal or glass. And the good news is that its appearance and history are matched by the highest standards of comfort for its guests.

“It was love at first sight as soon as we stepped into the building. Derek had retired from farming in Aberdeenshire and we were looking for a new challenge. We decided a hotel would be too much to take on but a guesthouse would be about right. We couldn’t have wished for anything more enchanting than this and everyone who stays with us agrees,” said Linda.

The garden, too, extending to an acre has been laid out with the same attention to detail and Derek and Linda have contributed by adding a new terraced area and large patio for the enjoyment of their guests.

The couple have further plans to open up the charms of Maplehurst, musical and literary events being among them. As they formulate future plans they are spending some time, too, looking into Maplehurst’s past.

“We have been able to find out quite a lot about the place but it is still a house of secrets in some respects, specifically the people who provided the artistic input. We would love to discover the person responsible for the tapestry, and the beautiful stained glass windows,” added Derek.


At a glance

  • Luxury boutique guest house
  • Magnificent Arts & Crafts home
  • Perfect for touring the Borders

More information…

Contact: Linda and Derek Chapman
Maplehurst Boutique Guest House, 42 Abbotsford Road, Galashiels, TD1 3HR, Scotland, UK

t 01896 754050 




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