The Lovatt Gallery – Jedburgh

Bird brooch with heart tailThe Lovatt Gallery – JedburghA visit to Jedburgh would be incomplete without a visit to the Lovatt Gallery.

Located on the High Street it is a cornucopia for quality paintings, prints, ceramics and jewellery.

You’ll get a warm welcome from artist Linda Lovatt who runs the gallery and has been part of the highly talented Borders’ arts and crafts scene for over 20 years.

Originally trained as an illustrator Linda is now better known for her delightfully quirky ‘beastie brooches’ and verdigris copper collages.

“I worked as a freelance in Lauder and Melrose when I first moved to the Borders and was a designer for Border Fine Arts. Now the Gallery in the Alley is a showcase for my work and that of some of my colleagues in the Borders,” she said.

The Gallery in the Alley is part of the popular Crossing Borders Art Trail, an annual celebration of the best in Borders’ arts and crafts that takes place each September.

During the Crossing Borders event those working in the arts and crafts community act as ambassadors for the sector and invite the public to take a closer look at their work.Linda’s contribution to Crossing Borders includes holding workshops at the Gallery in the Alley where visitors can try their hand at making their own ‘beastie’ brooches.

A regular exhibitor at regional and national craft fairs, Linda’s work is also on sale online at



At a glance

Gallery in the Alley
1A Grahamshaw Close
High Street
Jedburgh TD8 6AA

t 01835 862 960

Open: Monday – Friday

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