Horse Festival launch for Judy’s Tales

IMG_4610Poetry in motion is one way of describing the power and elegance of our equine friends but Judy Steel has gone one step further.

The Scottish Borders’ based author has pulled the two together in a new book  called Horse Tales and Saddle Songs, proceeds from which will be donated to Riding for the Disabled (RDA).

“Some years ago friends and I put together an evening’s entertainment under the title ‘Horse Tales and Saddle Songs.’ I always thought that would make a good title for an anthology of horse poetry and over the years began to collect the material. I’m pleased to say that it has now come to fruition,” said Judy.

Her book, carrying a foreword by RDAs patron Princess Anne, was launched at Bowhill Theatre as part of the programme of events celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Borders Festival of the Horse.

“My selection of poems and songs is international, but the majority are from Scotland, the largest proportion of these coming from Scotland’s horse country – the Scottish Borders which has been steeped in its rich horse culture for centuries. As a horse lover and rider myself, researching this project has been a truly fascinating and evocative journey,” she added.

The songs and poems are divided into sections for Heroic Horses, Faithful Friends, Prancing Ponies, Romantic Rides and Common Riding Chases.

“I had been thinking about how to widen the appeal of the book and decided to make it a charity publication, with the proceeds donated to that wonderful organisation, Riding for
the Disabled,” said Judy.

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