Wedding day spectacular for Kelso couple

cav8The Household Cavalry’s visit to the Scottish Borders next weekend (Aug 27/28) promises to be an extra special occasion for thousands.

But none more so than Kelso’s Jane Vass and her husband-to-be Peter Kelly who are to be married on August 27.

As the Household Cavalry parade in Kelso Square on the afternoon they have arranged to form up and provide a guard of honour and a fanfare for the newly-weds outside the Cross Keys Hotel.

The wedding ceremony treat has been arranged by the British Horse Society Scotland that has been instrumental in bringing the Household Cavalry to the region to mark the 10th anniversary of the Borders Festival of the Horse.

Jane said: “It was a total surprise when The British Horse Society Scotland rang out of the blue to explain that the Household Cavalry would be in the Square just after we arrived at the hotel and they would like to offer us a guard of honour. “We are thrilled to be having the same horses and riders that escorted William and Catherine at the Royal wedding forming up for us on our wedding day.”

Provost of Kelso, Fiona Scott, is delighted at the honour such a parade will bestow on the town of Kelso. “It is a privilege for Kelso to receive an official visit from the Household Cavalry. I am greatly looking forward to the unique and impressive spectacle that this regimental parade will create within our historic cobbled Square. It will certainly be a memorable event for our community.”

On the following day the Household Cavalry, consisting of  28 horses and 36 troopers, will perform their thrilling and daring full musical ride at Floors Castle – around 20-25 minutes long and never before seen in Scotland.

The Musical Ride has been a part of the public face of the Household Cavalry for many years. It was first performed at The Royal Tournament in 1882 and the format is based on a series of cavalry drill movements set to music that has changed little over the years.

It will be included in the annual Massed Pip Bands Day event at Floors starting at 11am.  The programme included highland dancing, archery, estate and castle tours, massed bands and falconry displays.

Tickets are now on sale at

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  1. Video of the Household Cavalry parade and guard of honour on Saturday – using a portable high level camera stand.

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